Mine and Quarry Sites

Most mine and quarry sites that operate in the United States use seismic monitoring data whenever blasting occurs. This helps to ensure that the structures surrounding the blast site aren’t affected by the vibration due to the blast. In order for limestone quarries to control costs, they need to maximize the size and fragmentation of the blast while minimizing vibration. This can generally be done by improving timing, and using seismic data to optimize the limits. By using these modern technological advances, staying compliant becomes even more important because as the limits are pushed, a minor mistake could become a nightmare. We are here to help you and your blasters prevent these scenarios and save you money. The next time a fire marshal requests seismic data from you, you will already have it.

We have spent years developing remote monitoring solutions for mine and quarry sites which utilize the fastest and most reliable communication methods available. We can also guarantee that our monitoring will work anywhere. Our systems were designed from the ground up to ensure the most cost effective and simplest solution is used for your mine or quarry site.

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